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Submission Process

Submitting your product is easy at LinguiSystems.
We᾿re looking for products that are:

  • Innovative
  • Comprehensive
  • Diagnostic
  • Adaptable
  • Backed by research/evidence
  • Outcomes-based

How do I submit a product to LinguiSystems?
There are two ways to submit a product.
  1. Mail your submission. Print our Publish With Us! packet, complete the Release Form, the Product Overview, and the Author Vita, and include them with your submission to this address:
    Trish Burnett, Product Development
    LinguiSystems, Inc.
    3100 4th Avenue
    East Moline, Illinois 61244

  2. Email the completed Publish With Us! packet information along with your submission to  Please set your email to accept responses from this address.
How complete should my product idea be?
We don't expect a finished product but we need to see a sample, understand the purpose of the product, who the product is for, the components if any, and the supporting research/field testing results and therapy outcomes.
What about artwork?
Include picture descriptions with your product submission.   Should we decide to publish your product, we coordinate and finance the artwork.
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What happens when I send my product submission to LinguiSystems?
Our acquisitions team reviews your submission and considers its marketability and production costs.   The review takes about three weeks.  All original materials are returned to you whether or not we publish your idea.
What if I have additional questions?
Call, fax, email, or write to us with any question!

Phone 800-776-4332 or 309-755-2300
Fax 800-577-4555 or 309-755-2377

LinguiSystems, Inc.
3100 4th Avenue
East Moline, Illinois 61244