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  • App Version Information and Support

    Whenever possible, we make a free, Lite version of an app available so you can sample the material before you make a purchase decision. Generally, a Lite version of an app will contain just a few items that are available in the full version.

    If you discover any programming or content errors in either our Lite or Full app versions, please email us at or call us at 800-776-4332 so we can correct the issue and upload a new version.

Technical Issues

  • Do your products work on Vista or Win7?

    Our software titles were not developed specifically for Vista or Win 7; however our testing shows they are functionally compatible.

  • When I start the program, it doesn’t fit on my screen.  What’s happening?

    Many of our titles require a 1024x768 screen resolution.  If the program seems larger then your screen, you need to increase your resolution.   This file has step-by-step instructions to change your screen resolution.

  • One of your programs was installed on my computer.   Why won’t it save the user data I input?

    If your network administrator installed the program under her username and did not give you administrative rights to the program’s folder, you won’t be able to save information when you are logged in under your username.

    Ask your network administrator to grant you rights to read and write data to the program’s folder ([Local Hard Drive]:\Program Files\LinguiSystems\[Product Name] for Windows users and Applications\LinguiSystems for Mac users).  Your network administrator or technical services personnel are the only people who can resolve this issue.

  • When I try to install a program, why do I get an error message that tells me I don’t have rights to install it or I receive an input/output error?

    You must have administrative rights to your machine to install many of our programs.  Contact your network administrator for assistance.

    If your network administrator installs software under her username, she will need to make sure that your username has read/write rights to the data folder within the program.  Otherwise, you will not be able to save data.

  • Is your software switch-accessible?  Does it work with touch screens?

    Yes.  All titles in our Autism & PDD series work with switch statements that can be mapped to Tab key and left mouse-click functions.   All programs work with touch screen systems.  Some of our titles (No-Glamour Series®, Spotlight Series) require keyboard input to register a student name for record-keeping, but once that step is passed, no other keyboard-specific input is required.

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Licensing Issues

  • Can I install a copy of your software on a network so all of our speech therapists can access it?

    No.  Our software license covers use by an individual therapist for her caseload only.  Our software cannot be stored on a network for use by several therapists.  You may, however, install a title on a network if you are the sole user.  For additional clarification, see LinguiSystems Licensing Agreement document.

  • Can I purchase a multi-user license for your software?

    No.  We do not provide multiple-user licensing agreements.   You must purchase a separate copy of the software program for each person who will be using it.  The physical copy of the software and its proof of purchase serves as your user license.

  • Can I use your software with more than one student?

    Yes.  You may use one software title with as many clients as you have on your own caseload.  You may install the software in multiple locations as long as you are the sole therapist accessing the program.  For more clarification, see LinguiSystems Licensing Agreement document.

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