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You deserve the best service on the planet.  Our services do two things.   They help you deliver research-based therapy to your clients and help you grow your professional skills.   

Lifetime Product Guarantee

In the unlikely event that something you order does not fit the bill, return it to us for an exchange, credit, or refund.  We’ll make it right.  Always.

We’ve had different reactions to this guarantee.  Most customers are shocked.  Some think we’ve lost our minds.   But all agree it’s the best guarantee on the planet.


LinguiList™ is like NO other club!    One glance at these benefits and you'll know why.

  • FREE to join.  No kidding and you can opt out anytime.  This is a no-pressure membership.
By joining you get:
  • FREE ASHA approved CEU courses.  Dozens of courses in three formats you can take NOW!

  • Digital Downloads (DD) are our new, lower cost product format available only to LinguiList members. DDs are like eBooks but better! You can print from them! Hundreds of your favorite products are ready to order, download, and print on up to 3 of your computers/devices.
  • FREE Research on Request™.  Send your questions to our researchers and get an answer within 24 hours.

  • FREE EBP Research Library™.  Support your therapy methods with the latest research from our online library. New topics are added every three months.

  • FREE Downloads.  Print our FREE LinguiSystems® information guides and FREE News You Can Use tools and articles as soon as you join!

  • FREE Top Drawer Freebies!  Download games, activities, and worksheets.

  • Special offers.  Get information and discounts that are available only to LinguiList™ members.

  • Members Only Sale.  Amazing savings for LinguiList™ members ONLY!  We’ll send you email announcements.

  • FREE contests.  Only LinguiList™ members can enter to win FREE products.

Free CEUs
Keeping up national and state CE requirements can be pricey, and we can help.

Try our tremendously popular FREE CEU Program™ available to our LinguiList™ members.   Join LinguiList™ to create your CE account so you can access dozens of FREE ASHA approved courses.

Click here to see the course list.

There are three, convenient course formats.

  • Online.  Take these from the comfort of your home.  Registration is easy and you can start and stop at will.

  • Source® Courses.  One of our most popular series has FREE courses that are based on the books’ content.  Take these from home, too.

  • DVDs for Groups™.  This format requires a minimum of five or more colleagues for stimulating group discussion and groups must be registered a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.   Complete the DVDs for Groups Registration form.
Call: 800-776-4332 or 309-755-2300   Fax: 800-577-4555 or 309-755-2377

Email:  Please set your spam filter to accept emails from this address.

Upon completion, we send your course information to ASHA.  You send it to your state licensure office.

Having access to quality CEU information that I can utilize in my daily job is awesome, and I am very grateful that you offer them free of cost.
- Charity Shelton Mt. Vernon, MO

Research on Request

This is one of the many benefits of being a member of our FREE LinguiList™ program!   Send your therapy questions to our researchers and they’ll send you the latest research-based answers with citations within 24 hours!

This service is available, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday.  If we get your question on the weekend or holiday, we’ll have your answer the next business day.

Here are a few Research on Request™ questions we’ve received:

What is the evidence for pharmacological treatment of stuttering?

What is the evidence for e-stim in the treatment of dysphagia?

What is the current research that supports the use of sign language in a speech therapy treatment program to facilitate spoken language with elementary-aged students with communication disorders?

Join LinguiList™ now. It’s FREE!

I like Research on Request because it provides SLPs with up to date information and research in a format that is easy to understand and easily shared with parents and caregivers.
- Mary Roosa, SLP, Kingston NY

Research on Request is like having a GPS on a drive or a personal research assistant during a project. In fact, even better because it is free of charge. Keep it up!
- Shefali Patel, SLP, Wilton, CT

EBP Library

Access our library of research to support your therapy methods.  Join LinguiList™ and get the EBPs you need.   We add new topics every three months, and update current topics with the most recent research so check the library often.

Research Topics

Adult Dysphagia

Adult Voice Disorder



Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

Childhood Language Disorders

Early Intervention

Medically Fragile/Special Populations New!

Phonological Awareness

School-Age Executive Function Disorders

Selective Mutism

Service Delivery New!

Speech Sound Disorders


Traumatic Brain Injury

Abstracts from research articles mirror the author(s)’s language and results as closely as LinguiSystems® can determine.   Please see the original citations for exact language and results.

Free Shipping

Shipping is FREE on all regular orders anywhere in the United States and APO/FPO addresses.  No minimums.  Really.

Shipping charges apply to international, bookstores, and express service orders.   A sales tax of 6.75% is added to non-exempt orders shipping to Illinois destinations. Click here for information about ordering from Canada.

Same day means well, the same day.  Get your order to us by 4 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday, and your package goes out the same day.  Seriously.

I ordered the book, The Long-Term Care Companion yesterday at approximately 5 p.m. and when I got home at 5:30 today, the book was already here waiting for me.  I have NEVER experienced such prompt service-especially from a company that does not charge for shipping!
- Anne Brock, South Bend, IN

Top Drawer Freebies!

Our FREE collection of Top Drawer tools and activities are from our products.
It's another way we want to support you during this tough economy.

  • Download and print games, activities, and worksheets

  • Multi-page units and activities for skill mastery

FREE Downloads

LinguiList™ members can download our FREE information guides and FREE News You Can Use tools and articles.

Already a LinguiList™ member? Click here to login and access the download library.

Want to join LinguiList™? Click here to learn more and become a member.

FREE Product Samples

Try our products before you buy!  Print sample pages of any product to try with your clients.  Our software, therapy materials, and test demos let you see the products before you buy.

I was able to get a good handle on what I need for my special students and don’t have to wait to receive the items and then be disappointed that it wasn’t appropriate.
- Louise Rosen, Lincoln Park, NJ

University Connection

The University Connection® program periodically provides FREE LinguiSystems® materials
to speech and hearing clinics associated with a university speech-language pathology graduate program.
For more information or to join University Connection®:

Call: 800-776-4332 or 309-755-2300
Mail To: Customer Care, University Connection Program
  3100 4th Avenue
  East Moline, Illinois 61244

LinguiSystems® also provides DESK COPIES of our books to university instructors when the book is a required purchase for students.
Requests should be faxed to us on university letterhead.

Fax: 800-577-4555 or 309-755-2377

Free Product Consultation

An SLP is available to answer product questions 24/7/365.   Your call will be answered by a lovely person, you’ll never navigate menu options.

8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday, calls are answered at our office.  During these hours we can answer detailed questions about a product, your order, an invoice, or help you with a return.

5 p.m.-8 a.m. CST, or on weekends and holidays, your call will be answered by a lovely person who works outside our office.  If you need to talk to an SLP, you’ll be connected to one even if it’s 3 a.m.

Phone: 800-776-4332 or 309-755-2300
Fax: 800-577-4555 or 309-755-2377

The person that helped me was extremely knowledgeable about the products.  When she wasn’t sure about something she asked a speech language pathologist on staff.
- Debra Schoder, Weston, FL

Supporting Scholarship and Research

Rather than watch hundreds of thousands of dollars go down the drain to exhibit at the national and state conventions, we said enough is enough.  Instead we’re giving that money to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHF) and state foundations for scholarships and cutting-edge research.

  • Our $100,000 yearly donation to the ASHF helps dedicated researchers find new ways to diagnose and treat communication disorders.

  • Our $1,000 yearly scholarship donation to every state association with 501(c) IRS status helps aspiring undergrad and graduate students complete their education.

These state foundations have received their donation:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters are horrific, personally and professionally.  Our hearts go out to those of you who live and work in communities affected by natural disasters.  We want to help.

If you have lost any of your LinguiSystems® materials in any sort of natural disaster, PLEASE let us know.  We’ll replace whatever you've lost at no charge; send you additional material at no charge; and help in whatever other way we can.

We cannot accept web orders for disaster relief.  Please call 800-776-4332 or 309-755-2300 or write Customer Care,
Disaster Relief Request, 3100 4th Avenue, East Moline, Illinois 61244 to place your order.  Thank you.

Rosemary Huisingh and Linda Bowers, Co-owners/Co-founders

Phone: 800-776-4332 or 309-755-2300

3100 4th Avenue
East Moline, Illinois 61244

Excellent products, prompt service, and free shipping.  As if this weren’t enough, your website promises to replace LinguiSystems materials free of charge to our colleagues in the Gulf States.  Corporate America needs to take a lesson from you.  The bottom line is people-not money.  I am so impressed by LinguiSystems.  I am proud to be a customer of a company with such heart.  Keep up the good work-you are all angels!
- Martha Uticone, Seneca Falls, NY