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LinguiList™ is like NO other club!  One glance at these benefits and you’ll know why.
  • FREE to join.  No kidding and you can opt out anytime.  This is a NO pressure membership.

By joining you get:
  • FREE ASHA approved CEU courses
    Our tremendously popular FREE CEU Program™ saves LinguiList™ members time and money.  Dozens of courses in three formats you can take NOW!   Join LinguiList™ to create your personal CEU account.

    • - At LinguiSystems we believe your CEUs should be FREE!   So, they are.   We’ve added new courses and formats (online, Source courses, and DVD for Groups presentations) to give you lots of learning options.  Take them all!

    • - Each ASHA approved FREE CEU course is practical, and loaded with use-tomorrow strategies.

    • - Upon completion, we send your course information to ASHA.  You send it to your state licensure office.

    • - Click here to see a list of available courses.

  • Digital Downloads
    Digital Downloads (DD) are like eBooks but better! You can print from them! Hundreds of your favorite products are ready to order, download, and print on up to 3 of your computers/devices.

  • FREE Research on Request
    • - Send your therapy questions to our researchers and they'll send you the latest research-based answers with citations within 24 hours.

    • - Click here to learn more.

  • FREE EBP Research Library
    • - New topics and updates to current topics are added every three months.

    • - Click here to access our library of research to support your therapy methods.

  • Top Drawer Freebies!
    • - Download and print therapy games, activities, and tools

    • - Multi-page units for lots of practice

  • Free Downloads/Resources
    • - Print our FREE LinguiSystems® Guides and FREE News You Can Use tools and articles.

  • Other Specials
    • - Amazing savings for LinguiList™ members only!  You’ll get email announcements on special offers and discounts.

    • - FREE Contests. Only LinguiList™ members can enter to win FREE products.