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 Question & Answers

  • Q: Why should I buy the LinguiSystems Articulation Test (LAT) App?
    A: The LAT App allows you to test children's articulation skills and screen for childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) on your iPad. This convenience allows you to have the picture plates, instructions, test manual, and quick scoring guide all at your fingertips. If you are already using your iPad with children on your caseload, this is one more way for you to implement this technology.

  • Q: Why do I still need to buy LAT Test Forms?
    A: The LAT Test Form allows you to record the child's data while you are testing the child. The test form, a legal document, also gives you information on stimulability of speech sounds in error, along with a screening for CAS. The test form contains a chart of Speech Sound Error Analysis. This chart allows you to categorize the child's sound errors to guide your clinical judgment on the proper speech-sound intervention method.

  • Q: The LAT App provides me with the child's standard score, percentile rank, and age equivalent. Can I write these numbers on the child's IEP without buying a test form?
    A: No. The test form is the legal document of testing results. It is a legal document that is needed for the child's file should a parent or a court of law request to view the document. A test form is also needed to ensure the integrity of the test and assure standardized directions and prompts for all children. An original, completed test form assures parents and any special-education advocates that fair, unbiased testing standards were met.

  • Q: If I own the traditional LAT why would I buy the LAT App?
    A: Some SLPs feel that iPads are more engaging for children and may motivate the child to participate in testing. We're giving you an option to choose the testing format that best suits your clinical style and caseload demographics.

  • Q: How is the LAT App interactive?
    A: The clinician (or the child) touches the targeted part of the picture screen (such as the girl's mouth on Plate 1), and only the mouth is shown with the rest of the picture blurred in the background. Thus, the child easily knows what word to say. The clinician continues to highlight different parts of the picture to elicit target words in the test. As testing continues, the child swipes the picture to turn to the next picture plate.

  • Q: Why is cost of the LAT App more than other apps I've purchased?
    A: The LAT App is $100 less than the print copy. We developed it in response to the ever-changing clinical environment, including the needs of SLPs and the demographics of caseloads. It is more expensive than other apps because of the stringent standardization process we followed to get our results. The traditional LAT was standardized in 2010 with data collected from over 2,000 children so you can be confident in its results.

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