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No-Glamour® Vocabulary
Ages: 7-12   Grades: 2-7

This super-size book will help your students learn word relationships and expand their working vocabulary.  A wide variety of activity formats gives students lots of interesting skill practice.


  • Understand and use a rich vocabulary in daily activities and in academics
  • Learn associations, synonyms, antonyms, absurdities, definitions, and multiple-meaning words
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** This is a Cloud E-Book that is accessible from any device with Internet access. .

The activity sheets are organized into six units:

  • Associations
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Absurdities
  • Definitions
  • Multiple-Meaning Words

Each unit includes 40 pages of activity sheets and two tests (use for a pretest and a posttest).  The activities progress in difficulty.  Use them for large and small groups and individuals.  Task formats include matching, word searches, word scrambles, fill-in-the-blanks, crossword puzzles, true/false, yes/no, exclusion, and more.


Copyright © 1993

278 pages, pretests/posttests, answer key
  • Statewide standardized tests measure vocabulary skills through:
    • knowledge of antonyms, synonyms, homophones, and homographs to determine word meanings 
    • ability to analyze word relationships meaningfully 
    • use of linguistic context to comprehend unknown words
      (Scholastic, n.d.).
  • In-depth knowledge of word meaning helps students comprehend what they read and helps them use words accurately in speaking and reading (Taylor-Goh, 2005). 
  • Students need to understand semantic connections among words (Taylor-Goh, 2005).

No-Glamour Vocabulary incorporates these principles and is also based on expert professional practice.


Scholastic. (n.d.) The importance of vocabulary on 3rd and 4th grade standardized tests. Retrieved March 3, 2009 from

Taylor-Goh, S. (2005). Royal college of speech and language therapists: Clinical guidelines. United Kingdom: Speechmark.  


Diane M. Hyde


Diane M. Hyde, M.S., Educational Specialist, is a resource teacher at Good Creek CISD in Baytown, Texas.  Throughout the years, she has served as a speech-language pathologist, a regular and special educator, a coordinator for exceptional children, a regional state consultant, and a teacher of undergraduate and graduate studies at both Livingston University and Mississippi State University.  She has done numerous workshops concerning special education on the local, district, and state levels.  Diane has received several awards for her work with exceptional children and their families, including the Sertoma Service to Mankind Award, the Outstanding Educator Award, and the Outstanding Citizen Award.  No-Glamour Vocabulary is Diane's first publication with LinguiSystems.


No-Glamour Vocabulary is an ougrowth of the frustration I felt, both as a teacher and as a consultant, when searching for materials to meet the vocabulary-learning needs of my students.  No-Glamour Vocabulary offers the wealth of practice in interesting formats that I searched for.

No-Glamour Vocabulary is a flexible resource.  The ready-to-use activity sheets are perfect for a whole classroom, a small group, or an individual.  Use the activity sheets as catalysts to introduce lessons, as outlines to guide lessons, as practice activities to cement learning, or as wrap-up activities to reinforce or review concepts.

The activity sheets are organized into six units: Associations, Synonyms, Antonyms, Absurdities, Definitions, and Multiple-Meaning Words.  Each unit is packed with 40 pages of puzzles to complete, words to match, decisions to make, and more.  The activities in each unit are hierarchically arranged so you can build students up to the most challenging activities at the end.

Each unit of No-Glamour Vocabulary includes two tests.  The tests were designed to be as flexible as the activity sheets.  Use them to evaluate your students' vocabulary knowledge or learning before, during, or after presenting the activity sheets in the unit.

You'll find an answer key beginning on page 265 of No-Glamour Vocabulary.  Suggested answers are listed for most pages.  The answers are offered as suggestions, not as only the answers.  Feel free to accept all reasonable answers from students.

My students have enjoyed learning vocabulary from the activity sheets I've included in No-Glamour Vocabulary.  I hope your students do, too!