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TOLD P4 Test of Language Development Primary Fourth Edition
Ages: 4-8   Grades: PreK-3

Assess spoken language in young children with the well-constructed TOLD P4.

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Test Purpose
Using a two-dimensional model of language, the TOLD P4 tests the linguistic systems of Listening, Organizing, and Speaking by the linguistic features of Semantics and Grammar.



  • Core Subtests
    • Picture Vocabulary
    • Relational Vocabulary
    • Oral Vocabulary
    • Syntactic Understanding
    • Sentence Imitation
    • Morphological Completion
  • Supplemental Subtests
    • Word Discrimination
    • Phonemic Analysis
    • Word Articulation

Testing Time

  • 35-50 minutes


  • Raw Scores
  • Age Equivalents
  • Percentile Ranks
  • Scales Scores
  • Composite Scores
  • Index Scores

Test Procedure
Begin with the first item in each subtest and stop when a ceiling is obtained.


Examiner Qualifications
This test may be administered and interpreted by professionals familiar with normal language development, language disorders, and who are formally trained in the evaluation of language abiliites.


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Test Set includes: examiner's manual, picture book, the critical reviews and research finds monograph, and examiner record booklets - distributed item


Phyllis L. Newcomer, Donald D. Hammill