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The Tongue Thrust Book-Oral Myofunctional Therapy and Articulation Correction - Second Edition
Ages: 6-10   Grades: 1-5

Correct a tongue-thrust swallow and associated misarticulation of /s/ with this time-tested program!


  • Swallow with correct tongue position and movement patterns
  • Correct the misarticulation of /s/ associated with low and forward tongue positioning
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This well-organized program combines two programs into one.

The first program provides the speech-language pathologist with sequentially organized instructional sessions for correcting the tongue thrust swallowing pattern.  These reproducible materials can be used effectively with individuals or small groups:

  • screening form
  • letter to the orthodontist
  • child and parent handouts
  • tongue and lip exercises
  • series of sessions
  • home charts
  • certificate of achievement. 

The second program corrects articulation errors for /s/ associated with a low and forward tongue position.  The S Articulation Correction Program includes:

  • sequentially organized instructional activities which also function as home worksheets
  • parent and classroom teacher letters
  • speech-language pathologist, student, and parent record-keeping forms
  • certificate of achievement

Copyright © 1985

113 pages, reproducible activity sheets - distributed item


Marcelle Richardson