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Click and Create Articulation Board Games
Ages: 4-Adult   Grades: PreK-Adult         

What if you could create thousands of appealing articulation game boards with content that meets your students' therapy needs and motivates them to practice?  It's incredibly easy with Click and Create Articulation Board Games!


  • Achieve goals for sound discrimination and production
  • Make an infinite number of game boards
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Make attractive, printable game boards with these easy steps:

  • Decide how many spaces your game board will be (10 or 20 spaces).
  • Select target words from the 4,000+ words and images in the database or add your own.   
  • Choose from 36 board designs (10-space templates and 20-space templates) and 200 ready-to-print game boards.
  • Customize the stimuli by selecting pictures only, words only, or words and pictures.
  • Print the game board and save it (on your computer) for future use. 

Adapt the game boards further by:

  • adding a personalized title
  • adding words familiar and important to the student (e.g., names of family and friends, familiar places)
  • changing the order of the target words on the game board
  • adding pre-written directions to game boards or writing your own

All of the consonant sounds, consonant blends, and digraphs are represented in the database and are coded by sound, position, and number of syllables. 

The ability to create an infinite number of economical game boards gives you many options: 

  • send printed, personalized game boards home with students
  • give each child in a therapy group his own game board that targets his individual goal
  • use a different board template for every therapy session

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CD-ROM, instructions

I work in an elementary school and have the Click and Create Articulation Board Games Software.  My speech kids are always quite proud to take their customized articulation board games home to use as homework practice.  A fellow SLP saw one of my speech kids proudly show off her game board to another student, and decided to purchase the software also.  I highly recommend Click and Create Articulation Board Games Software.

Shawn Looney, SLP
Portland, OR


Click and Create Articulation Board Games is a must-have for any speech-language pathologist.  It is not only quick and easy to use, but it can also be customized to the needs of the various children working on different sounds within one articulation group.  I don't know what I ever did without it.

Debbie Staloff, SLP
Marlboro, NJ

According to the Clinical Guidelines of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (, 2005) and the Preferred Practice Patterns of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (, 2004):

  • Acquiring effective spoken language involves the development of a range of processing skills, which utilizes multisensory information and the development of phonology and articulation.
  • Speech sound intervention should focus on improvement of speech sound discrimination and production.
  • Speech sound intervention should include general facilitation of newly-acquired articulation and/or phonological abilities to a variety of speaking, listening, and literacy-learning contexts.

Click and Create Articulation Board Games Software incorporates the above principles and is also based on expert professional practice.




Click and Create Articulation Board Games software lets you create colorful, customized game boards quickly and easily for articulation practice.  This unique interactive program includes over 4,000 words and pictures.  You can even add your own words to the database!

We have tried to include as many different words as possible to maximize selection, use, and practice.  We recognize that cultural, environmental, and linguistic differences exist, so we have attempted to omit stimulus items that are regionally or culturally biased.  As you plan your game boards, add any words that you feel are appropriate for your particular students (e.g., name of your school, siblings' names, local businesses).

Other features of Click and Create Articulation Board Games:

  • Create game boards for 26 phonemes in every appropriate position (e.g., there are no final w words).  In addition, each sound and position contains single and multisyllabic words.
  • Most word lists contain at least 20 words for each position and syllable choice with as many as 50 words per position and syllable choice for more common sounds (e.g., r, s, l).
  • Some phonemes are combined into one list: w and wh and voiced and voiceless th.
  • Words that fit more than one category (e.g., medial vocalic r and final r blends) are listed both ways for ease in selection.
  • Choose from 36 different game boards (18 each of 10-space and 20-space boards).  There are 6 different game board templates with 6 different variations of each, including a blank template.
  • To customize a game board for a student, choose words and pictures, pictures only, or words only.  You can select up to four sounds for a single game board.
  • Choose game directions from our list or create your own.
  • Save and load game boards for future use and editing.
  • Print out games for in-school therapy or as send-home activities.

Minimum System Requirements


  • WinXP or later
  • 256MB
  • 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution


  • OSX 10.2.6 to 10.6
    (Not compatible with Lion, OSX 10.7)  
  • 256MB
  • 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution
Program may be operated directly from the CD-ROM.
Compatible with SMART Board that emulates a mouse.