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Preschool Phonology Cards
Ages: 3-6   Grades: PreK-1         

240 jumbo-size cards help preschoolers eliminate phonological processes with endearing, simple illustrations and familiar vocabulary.  


  • Replace phonological processes with correct productions
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Young children love to hold and talk about these bright, colorful pictures.  The words are printed below each picture to reinforce speech-to-print connection. 

Target six commonly-occuring phonological processes.  Each phonological process includes 80 pictures (40 minimal pairs):   

  • cluster reduction (e.g.,  cloud/loud)
  • final consonant deletion (e.g., couch/cow)
  • fronting (e.g., kite/tight)
  • gliding (e.g., ring/wing)
  • initial consonant deletion (e.g., chin/in)
  • stopping (shower/tower)

Use the durable, coated 3½" x 5" cards for:

  • phonological process training
  • minimal pairs tasks
  • auditory discrimination activities
  • auditory bombardment activities
  • drills  

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240 3 ½" x 5 coated cards

According to the Clinical Guidelines of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (, 2005); Crosbie, Holm, & Dodd (2005); and Saben & Ingham (1991):

  • Impairment in phonology impedes the development of effective communication, language, and/or speech.
  • Phonological contrast therapy results in suppression of error patterns, especially in children with consistent speech disorder.
  • Incorporating auditory bombardment, discrimination, and articulatory placement cues increases the clinical effectiveness of a contrastive therapy approach.

Preschool Phonology Cards is consistent with these principles and is based on expert professional practice.




The field of speech-language pathology offers a myriad of approaches to treat phonological disorders.  Some target individual phonemes, others target patterns of production and/or phonological contrasts.  What they all have in common, however, is the need to stimulate accurate production.  Preschool Phonology Cards serves this purpose with its 240 different pictures, divided into six processes, with 40 minimal pair pictures per process:

  • Cluster Reduction
  • Final Consonant Deletion
  • Fronting
  • Gliding
  • Initial Consonant Deletion
  • Stopping

These processes represent frequently occurring processes for the preschool population.  No matter what phonological approach you use, you'll find plenty of stims and fun, meaningful practice for the young ones on your caseload.