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Arizona 3 Arizona Articulation Proficiency Scale Third Revision
Ages: 1-18   Grades: Infant-Adult

Test all the major sounds in the English language including initial and final consonants and blends, vowels, and diphthongs.

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Test Purpose
The Arizona 3 provides a quick, reliable, and well-standardized measure of articulation proficiency in children.


Additional Assessments
Three Optional Assessment Tasks are available although they are not standardized or scored:

  • Word Reading Administration
    Students read target words rather than naming objects on the Picture Cards. Teenagers and adults with head injury are often more comfortable with this option.
  • Language Screening Task
    On the back of almost every Picture Card is a follow-up question that can be used to elicit information about the students' vocabulary and language-based cognitive skills.
  • Spontaneous Speech Task
    Two additional Picture Cards encourage spontaneous conversation. Use these to obtain a sample of continuous speech and analyze it for vocabulary, mean length of utterance, and other aspects of language development.

Testing Time

  • 2-10 minutes


  • Total Score
  • Standard Scores
  • Percentage of Improvement Scores
  • Age Equivalents
  • Percentile Ranking
  • Intelligibility Rating
  • Severity Rating

Test Procedure
The student names objects represented on 42 picture cards.  Score each response according to simple, quantitative rules detailed in the manual.  


Examiner Qualifications
This test may be administered and interpreted by licensed and certified speech-language pathologists or educational professionals familiar with speech sound disorders.

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Test Set includes: examiner's manual, picture test cards, and 25 test booklets - distributed item


Janet Barker Fudala