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TOLD I4 Test of Language Development Intermediate Fourth Edition Scoring Software and Reporting System
Ages: 8-17   Grades: 3-12

Streamline your assessment process with this easy-to-use scoring software.

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This software converts TOLD I4 subtest raw scores into age-based and grade-based standard scores, percentile ranks, and age equivalents. It will generate composite quotients, compare test scores to identify significant intra-individual differences, and provide a printed analytical report of your student's performance.

The software features a word processing interface with word processing functionality, and provisions for storing examiner and testing information.

Generate your reports in RTF format for exporting to a wide variety of word processing programs.

Copyright © 2010

CD-ROM, instructions - distributed item


Wayne P. Hresko, Christopher B. Williams

Minimum System Requirements


  • Windows 2003, XP, Vista
  • 128MB
  • CD-ROM Drive


  • Not available for MAC