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LinguiSystems Articulation Test LAT Therapy Kit
Ages: 3-Adult   Grades: PreK-Adult

This kit has the essentials of phonological and articulation therapy—fifty full-color picture scenes to elicit target words at four difficulty levels and a manual of treatment approaches, reference guides, and documentation tools.


  • Know the four major approaches to articulation and phonological therapy
  • Improve articulation and reduce phonological processes
  • Plan treatment based on well-documented evidence
  • Communicate effecitvely with school personnel and caregivers
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Whether your students have low intelligibility scores or a few lingering speech sound errors, the LinguiSystems Articulation Test LAT Therapy Kit has the materials you need.  Designed for individuals and groups, the kit includes:

50 Picture Scenes
Each large-size, full-color picture scene targets a phonological process or articulation errors.  They are organized in these categories (five scenes in each category):

  • maximal oppositions
  • minimal pairs
  • cluster reduction
  • word final devoicing
  • final consonant deletion
  • velar fronting
  • stopping
  • gliding
  • vocalic /r/
  • highly frequent distortions (s, r, l, ch, sh)

The back of each picture scene has a hierachy of stimulus cues:

  • auditory discrimination—point to each target word in the scene
  • word level speech production—complete a sentence or answer a wh- question at the word level
  • sentence level speech production—produce a sentence with or without a model
  • conversation level—tell a story about the picture

Therapy Manual
The 40-page manual has essential information and nuts-and-bolts reference materials to help you efficiently develop therapy plans and educate professionals and parents.  

  • overview of approaches to articulation therapy such as multiple-phonemes, paired-stimuli, and more
  • overview of approaches to phonological therapy including distinctive feature, cycles, minimal contrast, maximal contrast, multiple oppositions, and more
  • guidelines for normal phoneme development
  • intelligibility guidelines
  • summary of treatment principles for childhood apraxia of speech
  • red flags to differentiate a speech disorder from a speech delay
  • average age of mastery of consonant clusters
  • approaches to shaping sounds
  • charts of phonological processes
  • progress tracking tools
  • educational letters for parents

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40-page manual; 50 8½" x 11" double-sided, coated picture stimulus cards
  • Speech sound intervention should facilitate correct productions across word positions and linguistic units (Bernthal & Bankson, 2004).
  • Speech sound intervention involves facilitation of newly-acquired articulation abilities to a variety of speaking, listening, and literacy-learning contexts (ASHA, 2004).
  • Overall speech intelligibility is a functional diagnostic therapy measure that can help determine a child's severity level, along with a standardized speech assessment.  Speech intelligibility and careful selection of goals based on sound stimulability will provide an effective intervention plan for improvement in a child's articulation or phonological disorder (Kent, Miolo, Bloedel, 1994).

The LinguiSystems Articulation Test LAT Therapy Kit incorporates these principles and is also based on expert professional practice.


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Bernthal, J.E., & Bankson, N.W. (2004). Articulation and phonological disorders. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Kent, R.D., Miolo, G., & Bloedel, S. (1994). The intelligibility of children's speech: A review of evaluation procedures. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 3, 81-95.




We know articulation and phonological therapy is anything but easy.  You probably have numerous children on your caseload with low speech intelligibility scores that negatively affect their academic potential.  You may have other children on your caseload who have a few lingering speech sound errors that are negatively affecting their self-esteem and social interactions with peers.  Because we recognize the wide array of children you serve, the range of their articulation and phonological disorders, and your limited therapy preparation time, we developed the LinguiSystems Articulation Test LAT Therapy Kit—an easy-to-use, at-a-glance summary of various therapy approaches combined with the appropriate materials you need to treat speech sound disorders.

The LinguiSystems Articulation Test LAT Therapy Kit is meant to serve as your therapy guide to intervention after you evaluate a child for a phonological or an articulation disorder.  The LinguiSystems Articulation Test LAT Therapy Kit includes this intervention manual and 50 large picture scenes that target a variety of common phonological processes and speech sound errors.  Each component is vital for a comprehensive, but not cookbook, approach to articulation or phonological therapy.  The manual provides you with important background on various research-based therapy approaches.  You decide the appropriate therapy approach based on your own clinical experience, the severity of the child's speech sound disorder, the child's age or motivation to participate in therapy, family support, and the stimulability of speech sounds in error.

We hope the LinguiSystems Articulation Test LAT Therapy Kit will become your ultimate go-to therapy guide.  Best of luck in the successful remediation of speech sound disorders!

LinguiSystems Staff