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GORT 5 Gray Oral Reading Tests Fifth Edition
Ages: 6-23   Grades: 1-Adult

This test is one of the most widely used measures of oral reading fluency and comprehension in the United States.

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Test Purpose
Oral reading assessment allows the examiner to observe and analyze the type, severity, and frequency of a student's oral reading skills that cannot be observed in a silent reading test.



  • Rate
  • Accuracy
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension

Testing Time

  • 15-45 minutes


  • Raw Scores
  • Age Equivalents
  • Grade Equivalents
  • Percentile Ranks
  • Scaled Scores
  • Oral Reading Index

Test Procedure
Begin test administration with the story that corresponds to the student's grade level.  If the examiner knows the student has reading problems, begin testing below the student's grade level.  As the student reads each story out loud, mark errors in the Examiner Record Booklet.  Only the Fluency Score is used to determine basals and ceilings.


Examiner's Qualifications
This test may be administered and interpreted by professionals who have professional training in assessment and reading disorders.  These examiners include teachers, school psychologists, and diagnosticians.

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Test Set includes: examiner's manual, student book, profile/examiner record form A, and profile/examiner record form B - distributed item


J. Lee Weiderholt, Brian R. Bryant