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Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving App
Ages: 3-7   Grades: PreK-2

Now young children with limited language proficiency can work on the skills of solving a problem, cause and effect, sequencing, predicting, and comparing. 


  • Problem solve everyday situations
  • Develop flexible thinking
  • Acquire concepts of cause and effect
  • Make simple predictions


Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving for iPad
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Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving LITE for iPad
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Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving for Android
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Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving LITE for Android
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Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving for Android
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This app is based on the Buddy Bear storybooks and software that have a huge following among speech-language pathologists and educators.  The specialized teaching techniques develop communication skills in children with autism spectrum disorders and developmental delays.   

  • simple, predictable language
  • uncluttered illustrations
  • cheerful, calming narration
  • open-ended responses
  • engaging animation and sound effects
  • flexible story-based learning

Each story focuses on one skill area.  The stories match the content of the Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving Interactive Software.  The stories are organized by these skill areas:

  • Solving a Problem—answer "what" questions to solve problems
  • Cause and Effect—answer a "why" question to determine cause and effect
  • Predicting—infer and predict what Buddy Bear is going to do based on the items he has
  • Sequencing—identify Buddy Bear's next step
  • Comparing—identify how two items are the same

The free Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving LITE version lets your student interact with one screen from each story.  The full version has 45 interactive screens packed with teaching opportunities to help youngsters:

  • reason and problem solve
  • build language and literacy
  • increase spontaneous communication exchanges
  • develop joint attention and social reciprocity

Once you start the app, tap on one of the five skills to launch a story.  Children choose the correct answer with an easy one-touch response.  Tap the back, forward, and repeat arrows for easy screen navigation.  Correct responses are reinforced with animation, sound effects, and a friendly, "Good job!"  A randomization feature can be turned on/off.

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  • Stories about specific social situations help students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) understand and respond to similar social situations appropriately (Kouch & Mirenda, 2003).
  • Therapy aimed at fostering the development of age-appropriate communication skills and age/ability-appropriate language comprehension and language use will improve the child's level of functioning (Taylor-Goh, 2005).
  • The individualized education plan (IEP) should address the following issues that apply to students with ASD: attention, imitation, communication, socialization, cognition (including problem solving and reasoning), and essential life skills (Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council, 2011).
  • Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) has a positive effect on the learning process of young children who learn better with pictures and sounds (Vernadakis, Avgerinos, Tsitskari, & Zachopoulou, 2005).

Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving App incorporates these principles and is also based on expert professional practice.


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Taylor-Goh, S. (2005). Royal college of speech & language therapists: Clinical guidelines. United Kingdom: Speechmark.

Vernadakis, N., Avgerinos, A., Tsitskari, E., & Zachopoulou, E. (2005, October). The use of computer assisted instruction in preschool education: Making teaching meaningful. Early Childhood Education Journal, 33(2), 99-104.




Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving App allows students with limited language skills to work independently on the skills of solving a problem, cause and effect, sequencing, predicting, and comparing.  The animation and sound effects hold students' interest while the simple, open-ended response structure encourages self-monitoring.  The spoken word along with the text helps develop reading skills.  Choosing the correct response among those given reinforces the skill of responding to multiple-choice questions.

You can introduce the app individually or in small groups.  Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving App is appropriate for students who are able to use a tablet, up to about age seven, depending on the interest level and ability of the child.

Minimum System Requirements

Apple iTunes Store

  • iPad only
  • English only
  • not compatible with iPod or iPhone

Android/Google Play

  • minimum 7" screen required
  • English only