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Vocalic R Shuffle App
Ages: 5-11   Grades: K-6

This app has 312 pictures organized by vocalic /r/ type.  Give your student maximum opportunities to produce words with vocalic /r/ at the word and sentence levels.


  • Accurately produce vocalic /r/ in all contexts
Vocalic R Shuffle for iPad
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Vocalic R Shuffle LITE for iPad
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Vocalic /r/ is often the last lingering phoneme in articulation therapy and can be resistant to treatment.  Eliminate the resistance and engage your student by using the Vocalic R Shuffle App.

The 312 full-color pictures are organized by these contexts:

  • "air"—e.g., arrow, airplane
  • "ar"—e.g., cardboard, carve
  • "ear"—e.g., cafeteria, clear
  • "er"—e.g., hamburger, daughter
  • "or" —e.g., corner, dinosaur
  • mixed contexts—e.g., burst, carriage

Use the app for:

  • auditory discrimination activities
  • auditory bombardment activities
  • sound awareness and sound production training

Extra features let you:

  • save previous session's data for hundreds of students
  • email data
  • replay audio narration and recordings
  • randomize picture presentation
  • navigate easily with back and forth arrows

The free Vocalic R Shuffle App Lite version lets your students interact with 30 full-color pictures in auditory bombardment and discrimination activities, sound awareness, and sound production training. The full version has 312 full-color pictures.


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  • Speech-sound intervention involves facilitation of newly-acquired articulation abilities to a variety of speaking and listening contexts (ASHA, 2004).
  • Impairment in phonology and speech production impedes the development of effective communication, language, and/or speech (Taylor-Goh, 2005).
  • One of the most frequently misarticulated sounds is /r/.  Many researchers have addressed the variability of the /r/ phoneme and the need to consider the various allophones in assessment and intervention (Curtis & Hardy, 1959; Shine, Downes, & Denning, 1982; Pollock, 1991; Ristuccia & Aldridge, 2007).

Vocalic R Shuffle App incorporates these principles and is also based on expert professional practice.


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Shine, R., Downes, M., & Denning, S. (1982). The 10 phones of /r/: Implications for assessment and treatment. Presentation at the annual conference of the North Carolina Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Wilmington, NC.

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Vocalic /r/ is often the last lingering phoneme in articulation therapy and is resistant to treatment due to highly ingrained incorrect production.  The Vocalic R Shuffle App provides multiple opportunities for clients to produce words containing vocalic /r/.  Vocalic /r/ is targeted in both the medial and final position of various target words for optimum opportunities for drill and carryover practice.

Minimum System Requirements

Apple iTunes Store

  • iPad only
  • English only
  • not compatible with iPod or iPhone

Android/Google Play

  • not available