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CTOPP-2 Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing Second Edition
Ages: 5-24   Grades: K-Adult

Assess phonological awareness processing abilities related to reading in students from 5-24 years with this norm-referenced test.

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CTOPP-2 Exam/Rec Form Ages 4-6 (25)
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CTOPP-2 Exam/Rec Form Ages 7-24 (25)
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Test Purpose
The CTOPP-2 was developed to aid in the identification of individuals from kindergarten through college who may profit from instructional activities to enhance their phonological skills.  The test is designed to assess skills within each of these constructs: phonological awareness, phonological memory, and rapid naming.


Core Subtests

  • Elision: 4-24 years
  • Blending Words on CD: 4-24 years
  • Sound Matching: 4-6 years
  • Phoneme Isolation: 7-24 years
  • Memory for Digits on CD: 4-24 years
  • Nonword Repetition on CD: 4-24 years
  • Rapid Digit Naming: 4-24 years
  • Rapid Letter Naming: 4-24 years
  • Rapid Color Naming: 4-6 years
  • Rapid Object Naming: 4-6 years

Supplemental Subtests

  • Blending Nonwords: 4-24 years
  • Segmenting Nonwords: 7-24 years

Testing Time

  • 30 minutes for Core Subtests


  • Raw Scores
  • Age Equivalents
  • Grade Equivalents
  • Percentiles
  • Standard Scores
  • Composite Scores

Test Procedure
Chose the Profile/Examiner Record Booklet based on the age of your student and gather the required materials. Subtests include practice items designed to familiarize the student with the tasks.  Every subtest begins with the first item (there are no basals) and is discontinued when the student reaches a ceiling.


Examiner Qualifications
This test may be administered and interpreted by examiners who have extensive formal training in assessment including statistics, procedures, scoring, and phonological ability.


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Test Set includes: examiner's manual, picture book, 25 examiner record booklets ages 4-6, 25 examiner record booklets ages 7-24, 2 audio CDs - distributed item


Richard K. Wagner, Joseph K. Torgesen, Carol A. Rashotte, and Nils A. Pearson