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TACL-4 Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language Fourth Edition
Ages: 3-12   Grades: PreK-7

Assess your student's ability to understand the three language forms: vocabulary, grammatical morphemes, and elaborated phrases and sentences.

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Test Purpose
TACL-4 measures a student's receptive language ability and has been co-normed with the Test of Expressive Language TEXL.  Now you can meaningfully compare your student's results on both assessments.


New features:

  • Age range of the test was extended upward
  • Additional items address the floor/ceiling effects 
  • Age-related entry points, basals, and ceilings  
  • Biased items eliminated
  • Additional reliability and validity studies completed
  • Critical Reviews and Research Findings for TACL: 1965—2013 is included with the test kit


  • Vocabulary – test the meanings of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and words that represent basic percepts and concepts
  • Grammatical Morphemes – assess the meaning of function words and inflections
  • Elaborated Phrases and Sentences – test the meaning of syntactically-based word relationships, elaborated phrase/sentence constructions, embedded and partically/completely conjoined sentences

Testing Time

  • 20-30 minutes


  • Raw Scores
  • Percentile Ranks
  • Standard Scores
  • Age Equivalents

Test Procedure
Determine the entry point and administer items until basal/ceiling are met.  Stimulus items are read aloud and the student points to the picture that he believes best represents the meaning of the word, phrase, or sentence being tested.  The student is not required to respond orally. 


Examiner Qualifications
This test may be administered and interpreted by licensed and certified speech-language pathologists or educational professionals familiar with disorders of auditory comprehension of language.


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Test Set includes: examiner's manual, picture book, 25 profile/examiner record booklets, and "Critical Reviews and Research Findings for TACL: 1965-2013"


Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk