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Arizona 3 Arizona Articulation Proficiency Scale Third Revision
Ages:1-18   Grades:Infant-Adult

Test all the major sounds in the English language including initial and final consonants and blends, vowels, and diphthongs.
Item # 10641   $205.00
Test Form # 10644 $41.00

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Profile A Continuum of Learning
Ages:2-21   Grades:Toddler-Adult

This profile includes everything you need to assess communicative competence and design intervention for the ever-changing needs of people who use AAC systems.
Item # 34010   $74.00
Test Form # 34011 $35.00

BDAE 3 Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination Third Edition
Ages:Adults   Grades:Adults

Identify and distinguish among disorders of language function and neurologically recognized aphasic syndromes with the BDAE 3.
Item # 11850   $559.00
Test Form # 11852 $51.00
Test Form # 11854 $46.00
Test Form # 11856 $45.00

CREVT-3 Comprehensive Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test Third Edition
Ages:5-89   Grades:K-Adult

Use this efficient norm-referenced test to measure receptive and expressive oral vocabulary.
Item # 13760   $332.00
Test Form # 13763 $62.00
Test Form # 13764 $62.00

CTOPP-2 Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing Second Edition
Ages:5-24   Grades:K-Adult

Assess phonological awareness processing abilities related to reading in students from 5-24 years with this norm-referenced test.
Item # 13080   $347.00
Test Form # 13083 $73.00
Test Form # 13084 $73.00

Differential Screening Test for Processing (DSTP)
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Determine if your student has difficulty with auditory processing, difficulty with language processing, or a combination of the two. 
Item # 34030   $95.00
Test Form # 34031 $28.00

Early Functional Communication Profile Set
Ages:2-10   Grades:Toddler-5

Assess the pivotal preverbal communication skills children need to develop functional communication.   The Early Functional Communication Profile is sensitive to small, subtle changes in joint attention, social interaction, and communicative intent.
Item # 34230   $74.00
Test Form # 34231 $35.00

EFA-4 Examining for Aphasia Test Set Fourth Edition
Ages:18-Adult   Grades:Adult-Adult

Use this test to identify the presence of aphasia and to determine the relative impact of this language disorder on quality of life.
Item # 12670   $352.00
Test Form # 12673 $56.00
Test Form # 12674 $50.00
Test Form # 12675 $20.00
Test Form # 12676 $20.00
Test Form # 12677 $32.00
Test Form # 12678 $32.00

Fluharty-2 Fluharty Preschool Speech and Language Screening Test Second Edition
Ages:3-6   Grades:PreK-1

Confidently screen students for speech-language problems based on the communication model of Susan Foster (1990).
Item # 9345   $212.00
Test Form # 9348 $46.00

Functional Communication Profile Revised (FCP-R)
Ages:3-Adult   Grades:PreK-Adult

Use this best-selling profile to evaluate communication skills in individuals with developmental (including autism spectrum disorders) and acquired delays across a wide age range.  
Item # 34040   $74.00
Test Form # 34041 $35.00

Functional Communication Profile Revised Reporting Software
Ages:3-Adult   Grades:PreK-Adult

Now you can fill out the Functional Communication Profile (FCP-R) form on your computer.  Use this reporting software and you'll never need to buy the profile forms again. 
Item # 36400   $105.00

GORT 5 Gray Oral Reading Tests Fifth Edition
Ages:6-23   Grades:1-Adult

This test is one of the most widely used measures of oral reading fluency and comprehension in the United States.
Item # 13925   $289.00
Test Form # 13928 $62.00
Test Form # 13929 $62.00

HAPP-3 Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns Third Edition
Ages:3-8   Grades:PreK-3

Assess and analyze phonological deviations of children with highly unintelligible speech with the HAPP-3.
Item # 11550   $239.00
Test Form # 11552 $46.00
Test Form # 11553 $27.00
Test Form # 11554 $27.00
Test Form # 11555 $39.00
Test Form # 11556 $39.00

LAC 3 Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization Test Third Edition
Ages:5-18   Grades:K-Adult

Measure an individual's ability to perceive and conceptualize speech sounds using a visual medium with the LAC 3.
Item # 10980   $239.00
Test Form # 10982 $88.00

The Listening Comprehension Test 2
Ages:6-11   Grades:1-6

Find out if your student processes what he hears well enough to keep up with his peers in the classroom.
Item # 34060   $168.00
Test Form # 34061 $45.00

The Listening Comprehension Test Adolescent
Ages:12-17   Grades:7-12

Learn why your student has trouble sequencing information, participating in classroom discussions, following directions, or paying attention to the details of instructions with this test.
Item # 34070   $168.00
Test Form # 34071 $45.00

LPT 3 Elementary Language Processing Test 3 Elementary
Ages:5-11   Grades:K-6

Find out why your student has a language difficulty, where the breakdown occurs, and where to begin remediation.  The LPT 3 Elementary will identify those students with subtle language problems who "pass" other language tests.
Item # 34050   $168.00
Test Form # 34051 $45.00

PAT-3 Photo Articulation Test Third Edition
Ages:3-8   Grades:PreK-3

Updated, easily recognized photos eliminate the need for prompts in this revised version of the PAT-3.
Item # 8370   $226.00
Test Form # 8374 $59.00

The Phonological Awareness & Reading Profile Intermediate
Ages:8-14   Grades:3-9

Use this criterion referenced profile to find out why your students past 2nd grade struggle with reading.
Item # 34080   $45.00
Test Form # 34081 $29.00

The Phonological Awareness Profile
Ages:5-8   Grades:K-3

The Phonological Awareness Profile is an individually-administered, criterion-referenced test designed to diagnose deficits in phonological processing and phoneme/grapheme correspondence. 
Item # 34090   $45.00
Test Form # 34091 $29.00

PLAI 2 Preschool Language Assessment Instrument Second Edition
Ages:3-5   Grades:PreK-K

Assess your students' ability to meet the demand of classroom discourse.
Item # 10895   $248.00
Test Form # 10898 $51.00
Test Form # 10899 $51.00

REEL 3 Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test Third Edition
Ages:Birth-3   Grades:Birth-PreK

Identify infants and toddlers who have language impairments or other disabilities that affect language development.
Item # 10675   $128.00
Test Form # 10677 $59.00

The Rossetti Infant-Toddler Language Scale
Ages:Birth-3   Grades:Birth-PreK

This world-renowned scale identifies preverbal and verbal language development problems in infants to three-year-olds and provides essential information to early intervention team members.
Item # 34110   $116.00
Test Form # 34111 $45.00

SCATBI Scales of Cognitive Ability for Traumatic Brain Injury
Ages:16-Adult   Grades:11-Adult

These scales provide a systematic method of assessing cognitive deficits associated with traumatic brain injury.
Item # 9060   $348.00
Test Form # 9063 $72.00

SCCAN Scales of Cognitive and Communicative Ability for Neurorehabilitation Set
Ages:18-95   Grades:Adult-Adult

Assesses a broad range of cognitive-communicative deficits and functional ability in patients diagnosed with language and cognitive disorders or those with multiple disorders or whose diagnosis is not established.
Item # 14180   $277.00
Test Form # 14183 $46.00
Test Form # 14184 $35.00
Test Form # 14185 $31.00

The Source® for Safety Cognitive Retraining for Independent Living
Ages:Adults   Grades:Adults

This Source is the first evaluation tool AND therapy manual to address patient safety issues from a cognitive framework.  Use it to retrain adults to recognize, reason, and problem solve for safety concerns in the hospital, at home, and in the community.
Book # 31730   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33730E $37.36

SSI-4 Stuttering Severity Instrument Fourth Edition
Ages:2-Adult   Grades:Toddler-Adult

Use this instrument to accurately describe the stuttering behaviors of your clients and to monitor treatment effects.
Item # 13025   $170.00
Test Form # 13027 $66.00

TACL-4 Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language Fourth Edition
Ages:3-12   Grades:PreK-7

Assess your student's ability to understand the three language forms: vocabulary, grammatical morphemes, and elaborated phrases and sentences.
Item # 12700   $373.00
Test Form # 12703 $60.00

TOAL-4 Test of Adolescent and Adult Language Fourth Edition
Ages:12-24   Grades:7-Adult

Measure important communicative abilities involved in spoken and written language with the TOAL-4.
Item # 12580   $245.00
Test Form # 12582 $71.00
Test Form # 12583 $96.00

TOLD I4 Test of Language Development Intermediate Fourth Edition
Ages:8-17   Grades:3-12

Identify students who are below their peers in oral language proficiency and determine their specific strengths and weaknesses in oral language skills with the TOLD I4.
Item # 12775   $251.00
Test Form # 12778 $65.00

TOLD I4 Test of Language Development Intermediate Fourth Edition Scoring Software and Reporting System
Ages:8-17   Grades:3-12

Streamline your assessment process with this easy-to-use scoring software.
Item # 12773   $141.00

TOLD P4 Test of Language Development Primary Fourth Edition
Ages:4-8   Grades:PreK-3

Assess spoken language in young children with the well-constructed TOLD P4.
Item # 12780   $363.00
Test Form # 12784 $88.00

TOLD P4 Test of Language Development Primary Fourth Edition Scoring Software and Reporting System
Ages:4-8   Grades:PreK-3

Streamline your assessment process with this easy-to-use scoring software.
Item # 12788   $141.00

TOPA-2+ Test of Phonological Awareness Second Edition Plus
Ages:5-8   Grades:K-3

Revised in 2004, the TOPA-2+ is a group and/or individually-administered measure of phonological awareness for children.
Item # 11880   $263.00
Test Form # 11882 $39.00
Test Form # 11883 $39.00
Test Form # 11884 $61.00
Test Form # 11885 $61.00

TOPL-2 Test of Pragmatic Language Second Edition
Ages:6-18   Grades:1-Adult

The second edition expands the original test for a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of social communication skills in context.
Item # 12665   $270.00
Test Form # 12668 $59.00
Test Form # 12669 $66.00

TOPS 2 Adolescent Test Of Problem Solving 2 Adolescent
Ages:12-17   Grades:7-12

Teens with language impairments related to the process of thinking can find that making good decisions and solving problems appropriately are difficult tasks.  Determine how to help them with this test.
Item # 34130   $179.00
Test Form # 34131 $45.00

TOPS 3 Elementary Test Of Problem Solving 3 Elementary
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Assess critical thinking based on students' language strategies, logic, and experiences.
Item # 34140   $179.00
Test Form # 34141 $45.00

TORC 4 Test of Reading Comprehension Fourth Edition
Ages:7-17   Grades:2-12

Get a powerful estimate of your student's reading comprehension ability with a test that measures word identification and contextual meaning.
Item # 12830   $277.00
Test Form # 12832 $62.00
Test Form # 12833 $89.00
Test Form # 12834 $62.00

TOSS-I Test Of Semantic Skills Intermediate
Ages:9-13   Grades:4-8

The TOSS-I assesses key, age-progresssive semantic skills in upper elementary and junior high students.  Test results help you understand why your student is struggling academically. 
Item # 34150   $179.00
Test Form # 34151 $45.00

TOSS-P Test Of Semantic Skills Primary
Ages:4-8   Grades:PreK-3

Analyze the receptive and expressive semantic skills that are crucial for conversation, reading comprehension, and academic achievement with the TOSS-P. 
Item # 34160   $179.00
Test Form # 34161 $45.00

TOWL 4 Test of Written Language Fourth Edition
Ages:9-17   Grades:4-12

Measure the expressive form of written language i.e., writing with TOWL 4.
Item # 12850   $288.00
Test Form # 12853 $59.00
Test Form # 12854 $63.00
Test Form # 12855 $63.00

The WORD Test 2 Adolescent
Ages:12-17   Grades:7-12

Find out if your adolescent's academic and social underachievement has a linguistic basis.  This diagnostic test of expressive vocabulary and semantics assesses students' facility with language and word meaning. 
Item # 34170   $168.00
Test Form # 34171 $45.00

The WORD Test 2 Elementary
Ages:6-11   Grades:1-6

Diagnose vocabulary and semantics problems that influence academic success.  This diagnostic test of expressive vocabulary gives you a picture of your students' grasp of semantics and how they store, recall, and use vocabulary. 
Item # 34180   $159.95
Test Form # 34181 $45.00