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The Source® for Alzheimer's & Dementia
Ages:Adults   Grades:Adults

These therapy activities and techniques help clients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) remain more alert, sociable, and communicative throughout the stages of the disease. 
Book # 31701   $47.00

The Source® for Aphasia Therapy
Ages:Adults   Grades:Adults

This book has something to help every client with aphasia.  Forty-one activities are presented, each with a goal, instructions, and compensatory strategies to help you individualize your treatment.  
Book # 31702   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33702E $37.36

The Source® for Apraxia Therapy
Ages:Adults   Grades:Adults

Get 180 pages of stimuli for the treatment of acquired apraxia of speech.  Choose from monosyllabic to paragraph length material.  
Book # 31703   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33703E $37.36

The Source® for Augmentative Alternative Communication
Ages:3-Adult   Grades:PreK-Adult

Learn the key processes to finding effective solutions in augmentative alternative communication (AAC) and apply them to the vast and ever-changing choices available to your clients. 
Book # 31705   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33705E $37.36

The Source® for Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Ages:2-12   Grades:Toddler-7

Evaluate and treat childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) using principles of motor learning with an emphasis on speech movements and syllable shapes.
Book # 31710   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33710E $37.36

The Source® for Children's Voice Disorders
Ages:5-14   Grades:K-9

Be prepared for referrals to treat children with typical voice disorders with this book of tools, techniques, methods, and materials. 
Book # 31712   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33712E $37.36

The Source® for Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Speech Disorders
Ages:Birth-18   Grades:Birth-Adult

SLPs who see a few children with craniofacial conditions and SLPs who are new to the craniofacial team will be well-prepared to assess and treat such children with this comprehensive resource!
Book # 31740   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33740E $37.36

The Source® for Counseling for SLPs
Ages:Birth-Adult   Grades:Birth-Adult

Counsel with confidence and get better outcomes in therapy!  This long-needed Source explains the foremost approaches to counseling and applies them to the treatment of communication and swallowing disorders.      
Book # 31742   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33742E $37.36

The Source® for Dysarthria Second Edition
Ages:Birth-Adult   Grades:Birth-Adult

This new edition provides a refresher on the neurology of dysarthria as well as current information and lots of helpful tools for assessment, treatment planning, and treatment techniques.
Book # 31741   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33741E $37.36

The Source® for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
Ages:5-Adult   Grades:K-Adult

Get comprehensive information on identifying, understanding, and diagnosing students with dyslexia and dysgraphia along with hands-on strategies and techniques for intervention. 
Book # 31716   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33716E $37.36

The Source® for Dysphagia Third Edition
Ages:Adults   Grades:Adults

This best-selling book is a practical resource that gives you an evidence-based, working knowledge of the evaluation and treatment of dysphagia plus tools to organize your dysphagia services.
Book # 31717   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33717E $37.36

The Source® for Executive Function Disorders
Ages:16-Adult   Grades:11-Adult

Target specific high-level cognitive processes in your clients with executive function disorder with activities that can be individualized to their needs and interests.
Book # 31718   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33718E $37.36

The Source® for Learning & Memory Strategies
Ages:6-18   Grades:1-Adult

Find hundreds of workable solutions for improving memory and learning for students with special needs with this Source.
Book # 31721   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33721E $37.36

The Source® for Oral-Facial Exercises Updated and Expanded
Ages:14-Adult   Grades:9-Adult

Look at the larger picture of treating oral-facial disorders with this inclusive approach and get step-by-step treatment techniques, reproducible forms, and more than 100 pages of illustrated exercises. 
Book # 31724   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33724E $37.36

The Source® for Pediatric Dysphagia Second Edition
Ages:Birth-18   Grades:Birth-Adult

Use best-practice to evaluate and treat dysphagia in children with motor-based, experientially-based, and sensory-based disorders.  This second edition contains significant updates in the treatment of pediatric dysphagia, with new information on the evaluation and treatment of behavioral feeding disorders and school-based dysphagia services.
Book # 31739   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33739E $37.36

The Source® for RTI
Ages:5-18   Grades:K-Adult

How does RTI affect SLP services?  What is my role?  Where do I start?  Find answers in this Source that discusses the principles and implementation of RTI, then brings it down to the real world with examples of appropriate interventions for specific speech-language conditions at each tier.
Book # 31729   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33729E $37.36

The Source® for Safety Cognitive Retraining for Independent Living
Ages:Adults   Grades:Adults

This Source is the first evaluation tool AND therapy manual to address patient safety issues from a cognitive framework.  Use it to retrain adults to recognize, reason, and problem solve for safety concerns in the hospital, at home, and in the community.
Book # 31730   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33730E $37.36

The Source® for Selective Mutism
Ages:2-18   Grades:Toddler-Adult

Empower the child with selective mutism to speak with confidence.  Speech-language pathology expert and author, Dr. Gail Richard, combines current knowledge with years of experience to give an authoritative, practical guide for the diagnosis and successful treatment of selective mutism.
Book # 31214   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33214E $37.36

The Source® for Stuttering and Cluttering
Ages:13-Adult   Grades:8-Adult

This proven and uplifting therapy Source gives you a hierarchy of treatment from fluency enhancement strategies (voicing, breath control, smooth onsets) to cognitive strategies (mental imagery, affirmation, self-talk).  The cluttering portion gives you over 30 characteristics of cluttering with nearly as many strategies for treatment.
Book # 31732   $47.00

The Source® for TBI Children and Adolescents
Ages:Birth-18   Grades:Birth-Adult

Every child and adolescent who has a brain injury presents with different deficits and has a different course of recovery.   Use this book to understand the complex effects of childhood TBI on cognitive, language, and behavioral development; on social and family relationships; and plan effective interventions. 
Book # 31736   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33736E $37.36

The Source® for Voice Disorders
Adolescent & Adult

Ages:13-Adult   Grades:8-Adult

This resource provides the experienced or new clinician with evaluative tools, treatment ideas, and therapy tasks to help clients improve in voice therapy.
Book # 31738   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33738E $37.36