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Easy Does It® for Apraxia and Motor Planning
Ages:4-12   Grades:PreK-7

The athletic theme of this program captures student interest and complements extensive, systematic activities for apraxia and challenging speech disorders.    
Book # 31086   $55.00

Easy Does It® for Apraxia Preschool
Ages:2-6   Grades:Toddler-1

Tyler Turtle and friends lead multisensory, systematic therapy activities for preschoolers with speech difficulties.  The comprehensive program emphasizes sound sequencing and building sound and syllable complexity.
Book # 31085   $55.00

Easy Does It® for Articulation A Phonological Approach
Ages:3-8   Grades:PreK-3

Expand the word repertoire of children with highly unintelligible speech.  Use a treatment sequence and carefully-selected stimuli based on the work of Barbara Williams Hodson and Elaine Pagel Paden.    
Book # 31089   $55.00

Easy Does It® for Fluency Intermediate
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Students take an active role in their therapy and develop fluent speech through motor, linguistic, and psychosocial changes.  This comprehensive program spells out a clear therapy program and shows you how to tailor treatment to individual student needs.
Book # 31090   $55.00

Easy Does It® for Fluency Preschool/Primary
Ages:2-6   Grades:Toddler-1

Use play-based activities with clear goals and techniques to shape fluency.  This program is adaptable to direct and indirect therapy and meets the needs and interests of young children. 
Book # 31091   $55.00