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Sounds Abound Interactive Software
Ages:4-9   Grades:PreK-4

Teach the skills critical to reading success: phonological awareness and manipulation of phonemes.  This best-selling software focuses on rhyming, syllables, phonemes, and letters.
Item # 36025   $63.00

Sounds Abound Listening, Rhyming, and Reading
Ages:4-7   Grades:PreK-2

Build skills students need to become proficient readers with an evidence-based, systematic progression of lessons.    
Book # 31155   $42.00
Cloud E-Book # 33155E $33.96

Sounds Abound Multisensory Phonological Awareness
Ages:4-7   Grades:PreK-2

Match your teaching method to the student's learning style and help him develop phonological awareness.
Book # 31156   $42.00
Cloud E-Book # 33156E $33.96

The Sounds Abound Program Teaching Phonological Awareness in the Classroom
Ages:3-7   Grades:PreK-2

Use songs, games, and hands-on activities for phonological awareness practice.  This complete program includes lesson plans, 195 full-size picture cards, and an instructional DVD. 
Book # 37625   $116.00

Sounds Abound Storybook Activities
Ages:4-7   Grades:PreK-2

Link phonological awareness skills to children's literature and comprehension.  Use the rich vocabulary from favorite children's books to improve word, syllable, and sound awareness. 
Book # 31157   $42.00
Cloud E-Book # 33157E $33.96