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Just for Kids Elementary Photo Cards
Ages:4-12   Grades:PreK-7

The 360 high-quality photo cards with stimulus questions on the back have countless language therapy uses!  The large-size photos include stand-alone scenes, three-card sequence scenes, single pictured objects and two pictured objects.    
Item # 35026   $95.00

Just for Kids Interactive Auditory Processing Pictures
Ages:5-10   Grades:K-5

Students improve their auditory skills as they listen for clues and follow directions by drawing on large-size, illustrated cards with dry-erase markers.
Book # 37617   $53.00

Just for Kids Phonological Processing
Ages:4-9   Grades:PreK-4

Reduce phonological processes with theme-based, experiential learning.  Materials in the book and every day items are used in natural contexts to help children generalize what they learn.   
Book # 31123   $45.00
Cloud E-Book # 33123E $35.66