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100%® Language Intermediate
Ages:9-14   Grades:4-9

These ready-to-use lessons give your upper elementary and junior high students the practice they need to master language in six skill areas.
Book # 31007   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33007E $37.36

100%® Language Primary
Ages:5-9   Grades:K-4

The content of this book is entirely ready-to-use practice activities for classroom language skills.  Target reasoning, sequencing, cause and effect, problem solving, and inferencing. 
Book # 31008   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33008E $37.36

101 Language Activities
Ages:10-18   Grades:5-Adult

Mature-looking language activities appeal to upper elementary through high school students with language/learning disorders.  The varied activities help them develop essential classroom language skills.
Book # 31023   $40.00
Cloud E-Book # 33023E $32.29

50 Quick-Play Language Games
Ages:6-11   Grades:1-6

Get 50 original language games for one low price!  The games are easy to set up and play and provide fun practice for a wide range of skills.    
Book # 31026   $42.00
Cloud E-Book # 33026E $36.00

Blooming Speech & Language Activities
Ages:3-8   Grades:PreK-3

Themed units with meaningful, everyday activities let you elicit speech, language, and cognitive responses in natural contexts.  Students eagerly learn and establish new skills
Book # 31043   $42.00
Cloud E-Book # 33043E $33.96

Category Card Games
Ages:5-13   Grades:K-8

Children learn category concepts with fun, motivating card games at three difficulty levels.
Item # 37501   $53.00

Figurative Language Card Games
Ages:10-Adult   Grades:5-Adult

Fun, motivating card games help students recognize and interpret idioms, indirect language, similes, and metaphors.  Four decks of cards give a huge range of practice possibilities. 
Item # 37502   $53.00

Fluharty-2 Fluharty Preschool Speech and Language Screening Test Second Edition
Ages:3-6   Grades:PreK-1

Confidently screen students for speech-language problems based on the communication model of Susan Foster (1990).
Item # 9345   $212.00
Test Form # 9348 $46.00

Functional Language Program for Children
Ages:2-7   Grades:Toddler-2

Teach children with severe language impairments to understand and use early developing semantic relationships.  This expansive program with 251 reproducible picture cards uses a controlled vocabulary and a variety of teaching methods.
Book # 31225   $34.00
Cloud E-Book # 33225E $27.16

Hallie's Comet A Comparing and Categorizing Game
Ages:5-10   Grades:K-5

This game is packed with 600 stimuli to develop expression, vocabulary, and thinking skills.     
Item # 37422   $37.00

HELP® 1-5 Book Set
Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing

Ages:6-Adult   Grades:1-Adult

Thousands of SLPs use these books to help their clients develop the language skills needed for independence.  Ready-to-use lessons target a variety of language processes that build language complexity and flexibility.
Book # 31605   $221.00
CD # 32605 $221.00
Cloud E-Book # 33605E $178.29
Items from this set are also available individually:

Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing

Ages:6-Adult   Grades:1-Adult

Here are hundreds of ready-to-use, auditory and language processing activities for clients of all ages and abilities. 
Book # 31600   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33600E $37.36

Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing

Ages:6-Adult   Grades:1-Adult

A skilled progression of activities builds language processing in clients, helping them communicate at deeper levels and with more preciseness. 
Book # 31601   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33601E $37.36

Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing

Ages:6-Adult   Grades:1-Adult

This book is packed with well-planned exercises for higher level language processing.  Use them with a variety of ages and ability levels.  
Book # 31602   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33602E $37.36

Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing

Ages:6-Adult   Grades:1-Adult

Add language richness to everyday communication with these stimulating activities in metalinguistics, humor, written language, and vocabulary expansion. 
Book # 31603   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33603E $37.36

Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing

Ages:6-Adult   Grades:1-Adult

These unique activities develop language skills necessary for independence: processing information, analytical thinking, math language, and expressing feelings.
Book # 31604   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33604E $37.36

HELP® Elementary
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Target the language skills that students with language disorders struggle with, particularly in the classroom: question comprehension, social language, concepts, and more.
Book # 31606   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33606E $37.36

HELP® for Language
Ages:8-Adult   Grades:3-Adult

Develop language flexibility and reasoning for everyday situations.  Clients learn abstract language as it applies to functional skills like question-answering, question-asking, and descriptive language.  
Book # 31610   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33610E $37.36

HELP® for Middle School
Ages:10-14   Grades:5-9

These activities use middle school content and tone to target classroom language skills in vocabulary, grammar, questions, and following directions. 
Book # 31612   $47.00
CD # 32612 $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33612E $37.36

HELP® for Word Finding
Ages:6-Adult   Grades:1-Adult

Use six approaches to improve word finding: associations, themes, definitions, questions, parts of speech, and context.  Hundreds of stimuli help clients recall a variety of words. 
Book # 31614   $47.00
CD # 32614 $43.95
Cloud E-Book # 33614E $37.36

Just for Kids Elementary Photo Cards
Ages:4-12   Grades:PreK-7

The 360 high-quality photo cards with stimulus questions on the back have countless language therapy uses!  The large-size photos include stand-alone scenes, three-card sequence scenes, single pictured objects and two pictured objects.    
Item # 35026   $95.00

Language Card Games
Ages:8-13   Grades:3-8

Practice and apply knowledge of antonyms, synonyms, multiple-meaning words, and idioms with motivating card games.    
Item # 37505   $63.00

Language Processing Treatment Activities
Ages:2-15   Grades:Toddler-10

This research-based program trains language processing skills in the sequence of neurological development.  Goals, activities, and reproducible materials make this the go-to resource for language processing therapy.  
Book # 31128   $47.00

LanguageBURST A Language and Vocabulary Game
Ages:8-Adult   Grades:3-Adult

Accomplish a lot of language-learning in a short amount of time with this fast-paced game.  Build vocabulary, verbal expression, and reasoning.      
Item # 37426   $46.00

Listening for Language All Year 'Round
Ages:7-11   Grades:2-6

Charming Brennan Bear keeps children excited about learning language throughout the school year.  Seasonal lessons for the classroom target listening, semantic, and written and oral language skills. 
Book # 31131   $47.00
CD # 32131 $43.95
Cloud E-Book # 33131E $37.36

LPT 3 Elementary Language Processing Test 3 Elementary
Ages:5-11   Grades:K-6

Find out why your student has a language difficulty, where the breakdown occurs, and where to begin remediation.  The LPT 3 Elementary will identify those students with subtle language problems who "pass" other language tests.
Item # 34050   $168.00
Test Form # 34051 $45.00

No-Glamour® Category/Definition Cards
Ages:6-11   Grades:1-6

Students develop clear word definitions as they learn to group words and analyze words by different features.  In the process, they build essential, life-long vocabulary skills.  
Item # 35008   $49.00

No-Glamour® Idioms
Ages:11-18   Grades:6-Adult

No-Glamour Idioms includes everything you need to help your students recognize and understand over 700 current English idiomatic expressions.
Book # 31655   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33655E $37.36

No-Glamour® Junior Answering Questions
Ages:4-9   Grades:PreK-4

Students develop core classroom language skills with cut-and-paste story sequences that guide them to answer questions and construct and tell their own stories.
Book # 31671   $47.00
CD # 32671 $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33671E $37.36

No-Glamour® Language & Reasoning
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Help your students use language to think independently, reason logically, and solve problems.  With these lessons, they'll be able to follow classroom discussions, give relevant answers to questions, and boost their classroom and social confidence.
Book # 31657   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33657E $37.36

No-Glamour® Language & Reasoning Cards
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Help your students use language to think independently, reason logically, and solve problems.  These full-color cards let students focus on a single illustration while you read stimulus items from the back.
Item # 35010   $49.00

No-Glamour® Language Cards
Ages:6-11   Grades:1-6

Get nine to ten stimulus items on the back of each of these full-color cards!  Use them to target ten major language skill areas, including semantics, social communication, making inferences, paraphrasing, listening, and more.
Item # 35011   $49.00

No-Glamour® Language Elementary
Ages:5-11   Grades:K-6

The scope and organization of this big book of language lessons make it an essential therapy item!
Book # 31658   $47.00
CD # 32658 $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33658E $37.36

No-Glamour® Language Middle School
Ages:10-14   Grades:5-9

This book uses curricular content and middle-school lesson formats to help students transfer language learning to the classroom and meet testing requirements.
Book # 31659   $47.00
CD # 32659 $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33659E $37.36

PLAI 2 Preschool Language Assessment Instrument Second Edition
Ages:3-5   Grades:PreK-K

Assess your students' ability to meet the demand of classroom discourse.
Item # 10895   $248.00
Test Form # 10898 $51.00
Test Form # 10899 $51.00

Question Card Games
Ages:7-11   Grades:2-6

Four stimulating, interactive card games teach students how to form questions and which type of question to ask to get specific information. 
Item # 37517   $48.00

REEL 3 Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test Third Edition
Ages:Birth-3   Grades:Birth-PreK

Identify infants and toddlers who have language impairments or other disabilities that affect language development.
Item # 10675   $128.00
Test Form # 10677 $59.00

The Rossetti Infant-Toddler Language Scale
Ages:Birth-3   Grades:Birth-PreK

This world-renowned scale identifies preverbal and verbal language development problems in infants to three-year-olds and provides essential information to early intervention team members.
Item # 34110   $116.00
Test Form # 34111 $45.00

SPARC® for Basic Routines
Ages:4-8   Grades:PreK-3

This program helps students learn basic routines and develop narrative language skills.  The familiar content and lesson structure help them transition to the language and stories of the classroom.   
Book # 31160   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33160E $43.95

Speech & Language Activities for Grades 1-3
Ages:6-8   Grades:1-3

Teach with endearing, favorite children's stories and build a variety of speech and language skills.  Ready-to-use lesson plans, picture cards, and word definition cards make this set indispensable.
Book # 37631   $51.00

Speech & Language Activities for Young Learners
Ages:3-5   Grades:PreK-K

Use popular children's books to improve speech and language skills.  Suitable for groups and individuals, the activities transfer the magic of a child's favorite book to your therapy session. 
Book # 37626   $45.00

That's LIFE! Language Cards
Ages:12-18   Grades:7-Adult

These cards offer practical content for helping adolescents develop age-appropriate language skills.
Item # 35255   $47.00

That's LIFE! Life Skills
Ages:11-Adult   Grades:6-Adult

Individuals with developmental disabilities gain independence with these language and reasoning lessons in homemaking, health, money management, entertainment, and government.  
Book # 31172   $42.00
Cloud E-Book # 33172E $33.96

TOAL-4 Test of Adolescent and Adult Language Fourth Edition
Ages:12-24   Grades:7-Adult

Measure important communicative abilities involved in spoken and written language with the TOAL-4.
Item # 12580   $245.00
Test Form # 12582 $71.00
Test Form # 12583 $96.00

TOLD I4 Test of Language Development Intermediate Fourth Edition
Ages:8-17   Grades:3-12

Identify students who are below their peers in oral language proficiency and determine their specific strengths and weaknesses in oral language skills with the TOLD I4.
Item # 12775   $251.00
Test Form # 12778 $65.00

TOLD I4 Test of Language Development Intermediate Fourth Edition Scoring Software and Reporting System
Ages:8-17   Grades:3-12

Streamline your assessment process with this easy-to-use scoring software.
Item # 12773   $141.00

TOLD P4 Test of Language Development Primary Fourth Edition
Ages:4-8   Grades:PreK-3

Assess spoken language in young children with the well-constructed TOLD P4.
Item # 12780   $363.00
Test Form # 12784 $88.00

TOLD P4 Test of Language Development Primary Fourth Edition Scoring Software and Reporting System
Ages:4-8   Grades:PreK-3

Streamline your assessment process with this easy-to-use scoring software.
Item # 12788   $141.00

Word Feast Elementary for Figurative Language
Ages:7-10   Grades:2-5

Ease frustration and end confusion for your students who interpret figurative language literally.  Each expertly crafted-lesson is designed to demystify the interpretation and use of this colorful language. 
Book # 31265   $34.00
CD # 32265 $34.00
Cloud E-Book # 33265E $27.16

Word Feast Middle School for Figurative Language
Ages:11-14   Grades:6-9

For your students who interpret figurative language literally, ease their frustration and end confusion with Word Feast Middle School for Figurative Language.  Each expertly-crafted lesson is designed to demystify the interpretation and use of this colorful language.
Book # 31266   $34.00
CD # 32266 $34.00
Cloud E-Book # 33266E $27.16