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Easy Does It® for Fluency Intermediate
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Students take an active role in their therapy and develop fluent speech through motor, linguistic, and psychosocial changes.  This comprehensive program spells out a clear therapy program and shows you how to tailor treatment to individual student needs.
Book # 31090   $55.00

Easy Does It® for Fluency Preschool/Primary
Ages:2-6   Grades:Toddler-1

Use play-based activities with clear goals and techniques to shape fluency.  This program is adaptable to direct and indirect therapy and meets the needs and interests of young children. 
Book # 31091   $55.00

Fluency Card Games
Ages:8-15   Grades:3-10

Motivating card games give students valuable experience in talking about their feelings and practicing a variety of new speech behaviors.  
Item # 37503   $63.00

Fluency Scenes Adolescent
Ages:12-17   Grades:7-12

Based on solid treatment principles and research, Fluency Scenes Adolescent is a comprehensive, easy-to-use fluency-shaping tool.
Item # 37644   $42.00

Fluency Scenes Elementary
Ages:6-11   Grades:1-6

Eleven proven fluency strategies are pulled together so students learn how, when, and why to use them to improve the amount of fluent speech.
Item # 37645   $42.00

The Source® for Stuttering and Cluttering
Ages:13-Adult   Grades:8-Adult

This proven and uplifting therapy Source gives you a hierarchy of treatment from fluency enhancement strategies (voicing, breath control, smooth onsets) to cognitive strategies (mental imagery, affirmation, self-talk).  The cluttering portion gives you over 30 characteristics of cluttering with nearly as many strategies for treatment.
Book # 31732   $47.00

SSI-4 Stuttering Severity Instrument Fourth Edition
Ages:2-Adult   Grades:Toddler-Adult

Use this instrument to accurately describe the stuttering behaviors of your clients and to monitor treatment effects.
Item # 13025   $170.00
Test Form # 13027 $66.00