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50 Quick-Play Reasoning & Problem-Solving Games
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Target a broad brush of reasoning skills with games that are easy to set up and play.  Give your students fun, positive ways to practice problem-solving skills with others. 
Book # 31178   $42.00
Cloud E-Book # 33178E $36.00

Inference Card Games
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

These fun card games develop fundamental skills in making inferences.  Students use limited information to complete their understanding of situations and content. 
Item # 37504   $63.00

No-Glamour® Inferences
Ages:6-11   Grades:1-6

These lessons teach how to infer from pictures, idioms, and short stories.  Students learn to determine what's missing and solve object, agent, location, and feelings inferences.
Book # 31656   $47.00
CD # 32656 $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33656E $37.36

No-Glamour® Language & Reasoning
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Help your students use language to think independently, reason logically, and solve problems.  With these lessons, they'll be able to follow classroom discussions, give relevant answers to questions, and boost their classroom and social confidence.
Book # 31657   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33657E $37.36

No-Glamour® Language & Reasoning Cards
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Help your students use language to think independently, reason logically, and solve problems.  These full-color cards let students focus on a single illustration while you read stimulus items from the back.
Item # 35010   $49.00

No-Glamour® Problem Solving
Ages:6-11   Grades:1-6

Students learn the processes of effective problem solving with this research-based resource.  Systematic instruction gives struggling learners a framework for problem solving and helps them generalize their learning for lifelong results.
Book # 31670   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33670E $37.36

No-Glamour® Problem-Solving Cards
Ages:6-11   Grades:1-6

These cards teach students to recognize problems, apply past experience, and use goal-directed skills to solve problems successfully.
Item # 35023   $49.00

Social Language Photo Cards Adolescent
Ages:12-17   Grades:7-12

Develop the critical executive function skills of organization, arranging, and planning to help your older students with ASD or language disorders solve and respond to social problems.
Item # 35029   $95.00

Spotlight on Listening Comprehension Making Inferences
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

The cornerstone of comprehension, making inferences, becomes tangible for students with language-learning disorders.  Students examine what they hear for a variety of clues and make meaningful connections to what they know.
Book # 31817   $16.00
Cloud E-Book # 33817E $12.71

Spotlight on Listening Comprehension Reasoning and Problem Solving
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Most of the thinking and reasoning challenges students tackle every day come to them through the auditory channel.  Help them logically problem-solve the information they hear.
Book # 31818   $16.00
Cloud E-Book # 33818E $12.71

Spotlight on Reading & Listening Comprehension Level 2
Problem Solving

Ages:11-Adult   Grades:6-Adult

Help adolescents use higher-order thinking skills!  Problem solving is integrated with reading comprehension in these stimulating lessons. 
Book # 31833   $16.00
Cloud E-Book # 33833E $12.71

Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving 6-Book Set
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Build basic reasoning skills with step-by-step instruction in six crucial areas.  The activities are designed to build success at every level. 
Book # 31835   $95.00
CD # 32835 $95.00
Cloud E-Book # 33835E $76.25
Items from this set are also available individually:

Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving Making Predictions & Inferences
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

These activities help students draw realistic conclusions and make informed and correct inferences and predictions in their daily lives and in academic situations.  
Book # 31839   $16.00
Cloud E-Book # 33839E $12.71

Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving Sequencing
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Focus on basic sequencing skills, and then apply them to a variety of classroom tasks.  Whether it's sequencing words, steps in a task, or events in a narrative, students learn to think logically and talk about what they are doing.
Book # 31840   $16.00
Cloud E-Book # 33840E $12.71

Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving Causes & Effects
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Help your students understand that actions have consequences and that things don't "just happen."  Also explore multiple causes and preventing harmful effects.
Book # 31836   $16.00
Cloud E-Book # 33836E $12.71

Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving Comparing & Contrasting
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Teach the skill of comparing and contrasting in a variety of unique verbal and visual contexts.  Students practice strategies and learn to apply them to their everyday thinking and decision making.
Book # 31837   $16.00
Cloud E-Book # 33837E $12.71

Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving Facts and Opinions
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Students with language delays are concrete thinkers.  Help them separate facts from opinions and become better decision-makers.    .
Book # 31838   $16.00
Cloud E-Book # 33838E $12.71

Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving Solving Problems
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

These activities integrate key problem-solving skills and show students how to approach problems systematically, dynamically, and flexibly. 
Book # 31841   $16.00
Cloud E-Book # 33841E $12.71

Tasks Of Problem Solving Elementary
Ages:6-11   Grades:1-6

Help students with language disorders develop strong thinking skills and the ability to express their ideas clearly.  They'll manage better in the classroom too!
Book # 31171   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33171E $37.36

Tasks of Problem Solving Adolescent
Ages:12-17   Grades:7-12

Based on the research of Richard Paul, Art Costa, Jean Piaget, and Benjamin Bloom, these lessons help adolescents use deeper thinking to make personal decisions and think about the future.   
Book # 31170   $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33170E $37.36

TOPS 2 Adolescent Test Of Problem Solving 2 Adolescent
Ages:12-17   Grades:7-12

Teens with language impairments related to the process of thinking can find that making good decisions and solving problems appropriately are difficult tasks.  Determine how to help them with this test.
Item # 34130   $179.00
Test Form # 34131 $45.00

TOPS 3 Elementary Test Of Problem Solving 3 Elementary
Ages:6-12   Grades:1-7

Assess critical thinking based on students' language strategies, logic, and experiences.
Item # 34140   $179.00
Test Form # 34141 $45.00

WALC 9 Verbal and Visual Reasoning
Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition

Ages:16-Adult   Grades:11-Adult

Verbal and visual reasoning are interrelated.  These exercises "tease" out the integral parts and stimulate reasoning skills. 
Book # 31635   $47.00
CD # 32635 $47.00
Cloud E-Book # 33635E $37.36