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Becoming a test examiner is a professionally rewarding way to contribute to the field of speech-language pathology.  Test examiners administer tests in their important stages of test development.  The result of your meticulous data collection is a new or restandardized test clinicians rely on.

In exchange for your time and expertise, you will receive product credit compensation and recognition in the examiner’s manual.  Those who test five or more subjects also receive a free copy of the test they helped to standardize.

To become a test examiner

Thanks for your interest!  To register, you must be an SLP with a Master’s degree or higher and have completed your CFY in Speech-Language Pathology regardless of your years of experience.  You do not have to be an ASHA member or have your CCC but you must be licensed by your state.  Click here to register to be a test examiner.

Returning test examiner

If you’re a returning test examiner, welcome back and thanks so much!   Click here to login. Click here to update your profile.  Click here to view current studies.