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PRO-ED has acquired LinguiSystems' product line

On July 31, 2014, PRO-ED acquired the product lines of LinguiSystems. PRO-ED has a long history of providing assessments, books, materials, and journals for use by Speech-Language Pathology professionals. PRO-ED is proud to incorporate LinguiSystems' extensive collection of high quality tests and materials into the PRO-ED family of products.

We invite you to continue to purchase LinguiSystems products at or by phone at 800-897-3202. Purchase orders should be mailed to PRO-ED, Inc., 8700 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin,TX 78757 or faxed to 800 397-7633.

All orders, regardless of how they are made, will be processed by PRO-ED. As such, please make all orders, purchase orders, and payments to PRO-ED, Inc.

Executive Functions Test LAT Social Language Development Test Elementary Social Language Development Test Adol
Improving Overall Intelligibility WordTest Word Feast Adoloscent

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